How It Works

The main goal of the services rendered by Fast Diplomatic Service is to meet the needs of its clients. Let yourself get the best shopping experience now!

Step 1. Registering and obtaining a real US address.

Spend a couple of minutes to register in our system and obtain a real US address. Mind that a lot of sellers refuse forwarding goods overseas and demand to specify a real postal address in the USA.

Step 2. Shopping in any online store located on the US territory.

Don’t limit yourself by buying goods from any sellers you want. You can even make multiple purchases from different stores and receive them in one package. Use our consolidation service for this option.

Step 3. Receiving a package with the purchased goods.

Visit your nearest post office to receive the package form the USA and enjoy the purchased goods.

The company promise

As a contractor we promise to take care of all supply chain management, to make your shipments travel safe, fast and on time.

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